Makeup routine for the busy mom
Being a mom is a lot of hard work, caring for your little one is not an easy task especially if your cutie pie is a toddler.  Being a super-mom day in and day out doesn't mean you should neglect yourself, self care should be number 1 on your list so you can be the best caregiver for your little one at all times. However, let's face it time can be a huge factor. Getting up early in the morning, prepping breakfast, dropping the kids to day-care or school is a sure way to forget about your daily beauty routine and focus on the tasks you need to get done.

If you're super organized and time isn't much of an issue but you feel that applying makeup is too much of a hassle, not to worry, I've got your back with a few simple tips to help you look and feel refreshed.
Makeup routine for the busy mom
Tip # 1
Reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. If you've been up all night and find it hard to catch up on your beauty sleep you'll probably notice an increase in puffiness and dark circles around your eyes.  To help awaken your eyes use a creamy concealer with a dab of eye cream, mix the two together, in a circular motion rub the product around your eyes on the bone (not too close to your eyes) pat gently with your ring finger to allow the product to penetrate while adding coverage.  If you're noticing severe darkness underneath your eyes, use a concealer with a pink or orange hue to help reduce any bluish or dark undertones.

Tip # 2
Even out your complexion for an all around healthy glow. Since your pressed for time I'm not going to suggest a full face makeup application. Instead, I highly recommend using a Beauty Balm. This multi functional product known as BB Cream is designed to help moisturize, even out your complexion and protect your skin. It's easy to apply, is extremely lightweight and gives a beautiful radiant finish. Choosing your shade is a no brainer, since BB Creams come in a limited variation of colours you would need to choose one that fits the intensity of your skin whether it be light, medium or dark. Luckily I have a selection of 5 shades that you can choose from.

Tip # 3
Use mascara to instantly draw attention to your eyes. Mascara helps to awaken your eyes by drawing attention to your eyelashes. Sometimes using mascara alone can make all the difference, it can help you feel complete (as far as your makeup is concerned). There are many different types of mascara on the market, finding the right one can be challenging because there's so many to choose from. You can find everything from lengthening, thickening, volumizing, you name it, it's out there. My recommendation is for you to asses your eyelashes, see what can be done to make them more attractive, perhaps your lashes are short and thick, in this case you may want to opt in for a lengthening mascara. If your lashes are somewhat long but fairly sparse, you may want to find a mascara that's lengthening and volumizing. Either way, finding the mascara that's right for you is the way to go.
Makeup routine for the busy mom
Tip # 4
Add a little blush and gloss for an effortless finish. Blush can help to give your skin some colour for a natural flushed appearance when applied on the apples of your cheeks. You can find blush in a variety of different textures ranging from powders, creams, gels and stains. If your skin is oily you may choose a powder blush, on the other-hand, if your skin in dry you may use a cream for a gorgeous dewy finish. 

Complete your look with a touch of gloss or lip balm. Glossy lips never go out of style, it's a great way to enhancing your pout while adding a bit of moisture.
Makeup routine for the busy mom
That's it for now, catch you later on the next blog post!
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