Welcome to Robin Wright & Co.

Hello, My name is Robin Wright, Founder and Owner of Robin Wright & Co. Based in Mississauga, Ontario CANADA. I'm very passionate about encouraging individuals to reach their full potential while helping others generate income through sales of fashionable products, that's why I founded a Direct Sales Company!
My career started out working as a freelance Makeup Artist throughout the Greater Toronto Area since 2006, where I gained experience in providing make-up services for models in the fashion industry.
Prior to starting my career in the gig economy, I gained extensive knowledge and experience working as a graphic designer and sales associate for independent brands and corporations, predominantly in the beauty industry, some of which employed my services on a full/time basis as a brand ambassador within various department stores.
As time went on, I continued to work freelance, applying makeup on models for fashion shows, photo shoots and music videos while continuing to provide graphic design services for SMBs (small business owners). During this time I was able to maintain f/t employment with various Canadian retailers. 
It was in 2014 that I made the decision to pursue my passion in fashion and design by launching an independent E commerce store (in beta), that would specialize in custom graphic t-shirts, handbags and jewelry.
After many years of market research and extensive practice in digital marketing, I gained plenty of knowledge in the fashion industry, learning everything from high fashion, the process of creating ready-to-wear collections, online shopping, fashion trends and much more.
During that process I encountered a lot of hardships but continued to stay the course, knowing that if I persevered towards my goals, I would eventually breakthrough if I just didn't give up. These hard times helped inspire my brand to what it is today.
With much pondering, sleepless nights, doubts and fears, I decided to turn my crisis into an opportunity, and that is to encourage, uplift and inspire shoppers with the products found in my store. My motto is never to push sales but rather, attract attention through kindness, gratitude, an amazing attitude and of course, fabulous style!
I invite you to browse my house of brands to find just what you've been looking for.
Yours truly,
Robin Wright


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