5 Best tips to boost your fashion style

5 Best tips to boost your fashion style

Stacy K on 2019 Dec 21st

As we know, the overall appearance is what others will see first when they meet us. The truth is we are often impressed by the girls who show a sense of confidence from their gait and voice to the clothes they wear. So to attract someone’s attention, your fashion style plays an important role. Knowing what types of outfits, colors, and how they all fit together will help you boost your fashion style and feel more confident with your outfits.

Here is what we want to share with you to wear as perfect as possible. With 5 tips below, we believe you can be into clothes and have fun with fashion.

5 tips to boost your fashions style

1. Understand your body shape

The first tip to building a personal fashion style is to understand the form of your body. Because the clothes which will flatter you best will depend on your body shape. Identifying the body shape helps you choose the right outfits and avoid common mistakes in mix and match.

Nowadays, the choice of clothes is so various. No matter what coloring, scale, height, proportion or body shape you are, there are suitable clothes for you. One of the effective ways is to observe the body in front of a mirror and imagine how well you will fit into the outfit, dynamic or gentle. Besides, you should go shopping with friends or relatives because they will give useful comments from objective perspectives.

2. A pair of sneakers is indispensable accessories

More fashion with a pair of sneakers

A great pair of sneakers is vital for the well-being of any functioning wardrobe. Not only do they help protect your feet but they also make you look more fashionable. Sneakers go with everything in your closet, from jeans and chinos to full suits. Choosing the right sneakers will help you build any outfit, any day of the week.

Today, the current market for sneakers is extremely diverse. You can freely choose any style you like. Sneakers are perfect for sports, traveling, other forms of physical exercise, and daily activities such as go to work, go shopping, etc.

3. Note on how to choose the outfit color

Consider clothing color to boost your fashion style

Clothing colors can enhance the body, the skin. However, in some cases, it could become the "culprit" that reveals the not-so-beautiful parts of the body. Do you know? Coordinating the right colors together makes the difference between a stunning outfit and an ugly one.

So it is necessary to determine your skin pigmentation to choose the right outfit color. You’d better go to the store to choose the best clothing colors. This will help you easily consider the suitability between dress and skin color.  Furthermore, you need to note how to match colors with your skin pigmentation, which colors can go together and vice versa.

4. Get rid of clothes that make you feel bad

Keep your wardrobe neat

Cut down on the number of clothes that make you feel bad. Daily clothes are used and washed frequently so they are more likely to be damaged and worn out quickly.

In addition, you should throw out or donate clothes that are too tight, don’t fit as soon as possible. Buy new items that make you become more beautiful. Wearing the right clothes should be about choosing what actually suits you and what makes you feel comfortable and confident. So reserve your wardrobe for clothes that make you feel beautiful and confident when you wear them.

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5. Don't emulate others, find your uniqueness

Style Tips

Of course, it's fine to get inspired by fashion icons or people around you but find your own style. When you are striving to copy someone else you are also falling into the comparison trap.

You don't try to emulate anyone's image because you can be the "unique version". It can be your favorite accessories, colors, dresses, shoes, etc that express your personality. Remember choose suitable things for you.

Besides, you can be a “unique version” among the crowd through your hairstyles or makeup looks. The journey to find and shape personal style requires a lot of time and patience. Through the process of learning, experimenting and selecting, you will find what is the right fashion style for you.


To sum up, with the above useful tips, we hope that you can boost your fashion style as well as have fun with fashion this year. Keep wearing what makes you more confident and happier. Don't be afraid to be different.