Posted by Robin Wright on 2019 Oct 18th

Good Shoes Take You Good Places, Choose Wisely!

One of my favorite fashion quotes come from fashion icon Iris Apfel:

"I don't dress to be starred at. I dress for myself."

I love this attitude because your outfit should be a reflection of your style and personality, not about getting the attention of others. If you attract good attention that's great, but it shouldn't be your focus. If you like the outfit and it makes you feel good then wear it!

That being said, there's no doubt that your fashion sense does draw attention whether good or bad. Psychology suggests that  high-quality, well-tailored clothing can help you feel more confident and powerful, allowing you to take on challenges at work and in your personal life. Research has also shown that wearing formal clothing can actually change the way you view and approach situations.

In many cases choosing an outfit is secondary to choosing your shoes (especially if you're a shoe lover). Which brings me to my topic, choosing your shoes wisely. In other words your shoes can make or break your outfit so you'll want to consider the points listed below before your next shoe splurge. 

If your goal is to pull off a really great outfit, your shoes need to coincide with your clothing choices, be relative to the mood and feel you're trying to create while being practical and comfortable. Keep in mind, sacrificing style for practicality isn't essential. However, if you're a shoe maven you may consider choosing your shoes first then building your outfit around your style of choice.

Here are a few helpful tips when choosing a pair of shoes to wear with an outfit:

1) For a classic look, choose shoes that compliment your outfit rather than compete. Consider neutral colours if your outfit consists of flashy textures, patterns and colors.

For a classy and minimal look, I like these ballerina flats with bow (shown below).

LEXI - Ballerina Flats with Bow

2) On the other-hand, if your outfit offers a simplistic style you may consider a fancier shoe that showcases prints, patterns and bold colours.

Shoes with animal prints are attractive and fun to wear, see one of my faves below.

SOCIALITE - Minimal Cut High Heel

3) Color blocking offers an element of interest in your outfit and showcases great design when it comes to shoes. Consider making 1 colour the focal point when building your outfit around your shoes. For instance, if you're wearing a monochromatic outfit such as full body camel, choose a shoe that incorporates bold colour as an accent for added flair. Sneakers are great for this, see the ones below.

DESERT - Chunky Sock Sneaker

4) High heels are great when creating versatile looks. Whether you're wearing a pencil skirt or distressed jeans with a t-shirt, opting in for a cool pair of heels help to add creativity and flash (not recommended for all day wear).

DESTINY -  Full Cut High Heel

5) Don't be afraid of the clash such as animal prints combined with bright neon colors. For example, you may decide to wear a trendy sneaker like the one shown below paired with an outfit that incorporates animal prints.

NOIR - Women's Fashion Sneaker

As you can see, shoes add character to any outfit. Again, you want to think about the mood, style, occasion and practicality when choosing your shoes. At the end of the day you should feel comfortable and like the way you look, the decision is all yours so have fun with it!

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Thanks for reading, catch you on the next blog post!

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