Young woman applying foundation with a foundation brush
1) It enhances the overall look of your makeup, allowing you to feel confident inside and out. 
2) It helps to camouflage imperfections while giving you an even skin tone. 
3) When you prep your skin with skincare your foundation is guaranteed to give you a polished finish.
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When shopping for a foundation you want to consider your skin tone, your desired coverage and finish. Skin tone is the natural pigment in your skin. Depending on your complexion and ethnicity will determine the intensity of your skin colour, from light to dark.

is the most prominent colour of your skin when it is bare (without makeup). Your undertone can be cool, neutral or warm.

is how much the foundation covers the skin, ranging from sheer, medium to full coverage.

is how the foundation looks on the skin, the most desired finish is natural, matte and luminous (glowing). You also want to consider your skin type (oily, dry or combination), this will help you find the best texture suited for your particular type of skin while avoiding formulations that settle into fine lines or feels too greasy. When you choose the right foundation your makeup is guaranteed to look natural therefore allowing you to look and feel your most beautiful. 
Choosing the right foundation for your complexion
Now that you have an idea of what to look for, you'll need to have an accurate colour match. Determine whether your skin tone is cool, neutral or warm. Tips to look for:

COOL: Skin has a pink or rosy undertone, sometimes sensitive, may burn easily when exposed to the sun.

NEUTRAL: Skin is neutral or balanced, not too pink, not too golden.

WARM: Skin has a golden or olive undertone, tans easily when exposed to the sun.

Always remember that you'll have to try a few swatches before you find the right shade suited for you. I recommend swatching 3 shades on your jawline, see which colour blends best to your neck, whichever one is the closest match is a good indication that's you're colour.

Below you'll find my top 3 foundations for your preferred coverage.

Light Coverage

BB Cream
Part skin care and part makeup my BB Cream provides superior skin protection that may prevent premature skin aging and darkening. This BB Cream is hydrating with a sheer, radiant coverage. Produces a very natural, no makeup look.

Medium Coverage

Flawless Finish Foundation
For the most natural looking skin 'Flawless Finish' foundation is the way to go! This foundation is water based and offers a light to medium coverage. It contains antioxidant vitamin E and wheat germ to improve skin's elasticity. This foundation is recommended for anyone who has sensitive skins and is non-comedogenic (will not clog pores).

Full Coverage

HD Foundation
If you're looking for a beautiful finish, you'll definitely love our Hi-Def Foundation.  This foundation offers a medium to full coverage, contains an anti aging formula and collagen which helps with puffiness. I recommend this foundation for camera work and even weddings because of its fresh and polished coverage. Hi-Def Foundation is also water resistant, non-transferable which means it will not rub off on clothes.

The Foundation Charts below will help you to find the right shade for your complexion.

That's it for now! Catch you on the next blog :).
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