Woman grooming her eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil
Having beautifully groomed brows creates an attractive frame for your face shape. When you use the right products you'll be able to enhance your brow shape with precision and style.
Eyebrow shaping diagram for how to shape eyebrows
Before you fill in your brows be sure to get your shape just right.  If you have fuller brows you may want to trim your brow hairs with tweezers and grooming scissors.  Be sure to follow the natural growth of your brow hairs before you do any plucking.  In order to achieve the most natural shape possible, use a brow brush or spoolie, sweep brows up towards your forehead. With grooming scissors, snip strands of hair longer than your natural brow line for an even trim. The beginning of your brow should start at Point A, the middle of your nostril, your arch should align with Point B of your iris and the tail end of your brow should meet the corner of your eye at Point C
*See Diagram Above*
Wright Artistry Brow Palette
Now that you've mastered your brow shape and it looks just the way you want it, it's time to tame any unruly brow hairs and fill in sparseness or unwanted gaps. 
With Wright Artistry's Trio Brow Palette, use the brow shadow that best complements your complexion to fill in your uneven brow line. Once you've achieved natural definition, use the clear wax pomade to tame brow hairs, enhance a clean modern line and keep stray hairs in place. Be sure to apply sparingly. Using the lightest colour in the palette, highlight your brow bone to enhance the impeccable arch in your brow. If you find your brow is looking a little to dense and harsh in colour, use your brow brush or spoolie to brush away any harsh pigment at the beginning of your brow for a natural gradient effect.  There you have it, you just created the perfect frame for your face shape, now it's time to step out in confidence with your gorgeous brows!
Wright Artistry Brow Cream Liner
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