Professional Woman with natural makeup and stylish haircut, wearing a white button up blouse.
To be taken seriously in the world of work, you need to give yourself the edge by matching your appearance to what's on the inside - your abilities, characteristics and values.

The first impression that you project will determine the way others respond to you; a positive self-image will create a positive response in other people, and increase the confidence in you. Being able to communicate competence and credibility will give you the lead in a competitive business world.
Why Is Image Important?
The ability to communicate successfully is an essential part of working life. Communication is, of course, both verbal and non-verbal. However, visual messages are initially stronger than verbal ones making appearance the most direct and effective form of non-verbal communication.

Within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone we make value judgments and form an opinion.

What Does Studies Show About This?
Research shows: first impressions are 55% appearance, 38% voice and 7% words used.

So how do you dress for Success? Here are a few pointers to guide you along the way:

1) Get to know yourself and what suits you.
2) Match your image to your working environment and the culture and values of your organisation.
3) Learn how to express your individuality through your clothes and accessories while dressing to fit the 'dress code' your job requires.
4) Give clear messages to your employees about how you expect them to dress at work.
5) Think about what you're wearing and the type of attention you might attract, make sure it's the type of attention you want.

Same goes for makeup, less is more in an environment such as an office, teaching facility or corporate setting. However, you may wear something more fun and trendy if you're working in a clothing store, tattoo parlor or hair salon. Always take into consideration the environment of your organisation.
That's it for now, stay tuned for more posts relating to image.

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