African American Bride-to-be wearing red lipstick
Foundations that offer a wide range of undertones with a large colour selection is recommended, especially when working on clients of varying ethnicities. Stocking up on a good selection of colours will always have you prepared when working with a large wedding party or when working on set of a major film.

Usually during these types of jobs it's crucial to work with products that are long lasting and offer a fuller coverage than usual. Which brings me to my favorite foundation, Wright Artistry's Hi-Def Liquid Foundation.  This foundation offers a medium to full coverage, dewy finish and an anti-aging formula which contains collagen to help with puffiness.  I enjoy using this foundation because it offers that healthy glow without looking overly shiny.  It can be used on all skin types and offers a wide selection of colours ranging from warm yellow undertones and cool neutral tones.

As mentioned before, working with products that offer a long lasting finish is key, the Hi-Def Foundation is great for this because it's water resistant and non-transferable (will not rub off on clothes). The texture is absolutely amazing, your skin feels bare while looking polished every time you apply it, Make-Up Artists have given me great reviews about this product thus far, I'm not just giving you my opinion. 
Wright Artistry HD Foundation
You may be wondering if this foundation can be used for everyday wear, the answer is yes, because this foundation offers medium to full coverage, a little goes a long way. You'll want to use a small pump for the T-zone area and work your application throughout the entire face. If you have more blemishes that require more coverage, then 2 pumps will definitely get the job done.  Another tip would be to use Wright Artistry's Dual or Loose Powder for setting and adding extra coverage, these products work very well together if you're on stage or on set underneath strong lighting.  Overall the Hi-Def Foundation is my hot topic for anyone wanting a fuller coverage foundation that looks clean and natural after it has been applied.  Thanks for reading!
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