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Nude Lips: The Perfect Look

Neutral lipsticks are a stylish way to add oomph to your everyday make-up routine. Whether you decide to keep it natural or dramatic, wearing a nude lipstick will always look amazing!  This article is for those who wish to find the right nude lipstick. You simply need to identify your undertone, choose which shade matches and decide which one works best for your skin tone. Read on!

Determine the undertone of your skin

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A quick way to determine your skin's undertone is by looking at the colour of your veins inside of your wrist. If your veins appear to be on the greenish side your undertone is warm. On the other hand, if your veins appear to be on the bluish side then your undertone is cool. If you find that your veins are neither green nor blue but rather somewhat in between then that's an indication that you have a neutral undertone.
Understanding what jewelry looks good against your skin is another way to identify your skin's undertone. Those of you who prefer gold jewelry to silver jewelry likely have a warm undertone, while those who prefer silver jewelry probably have a cool undertone. It is likely that your skin's undertone is neutral if you appear flawless in both metals.
Now that you know your undertone, it's time to choose the most suitable nude lipstick for your complexion. Following are a few tips to assist you in choosing your perfect shade.

Cool Undertones

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A nude lipstick with a pinker undertone will complement your natural pink and red tones in your skin without making you look too flushed. This is because you have a cool undertone. Pink tones tend to enhance the natural colour of your lips in an appealing way. If you have fair skin, you should avoid pale beige lipstick since it can make you look washed out. The colours below are offered by Wright Artistry in our Liquid Velvet Lipstick, a full coverage lip product with a matte finish.

Color Descriptions:

Lean in - Medium blush nude pink
Beyond - Warm deep rose
Beloved - The perfect mid-toned rose pink


Warm Undertones

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Consider peachy nudes if you have a warm undertone. Whether it's a peach or gold undertone, naked lipstick with a warm undertone enhances the skin's natural warmth, giving your complexion an attractive and beautiful "pick-me-up". If you have fair skin, stay away from nude lipstick with a brown undertone as it will make your skin look dull. Light brown is okay if you have deeper skin tones. Here are some recommendations from our Liquid Velvet Lipstick collection that offer full coverage, long wear and no shine.

Color Descriptions:

Unbutton - Toasted medium warm tanned nude
Rum Cake - Warm walnut brown

Neutral undertones

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You can wear any shade of nude lipstick if you have both warm and cool undertones. This is the same as wearing any color of jewelry. A neutral beige is a gorgeous choice for allowing your complexion to shine while giving you a pop of color. Consider a gloss with a splash of color if lipstick isn't your thing for an elegant and sophisticated look.

Color Descriptions:

Crème Fraiche - Warm nude beige
Embrace - Warm pink rose
Fringe - Muted plum

*Smart Tip

Don't use pale or nude lipsticks that exactly match your skin tone (the days of mixing lipstick and concealer are over). To achieve a more natural and appealing appearance, use a lipstick that is at least one shade darker than your natural lip color. Finish with a gloss for a subtle and fresh look.
You can browse our beauty collection for more options.

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