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Athleisure Style for Working at Home

Explore how you can incorporate athflow into your daily wardrobe.

Working from home? No problem, here's a few tips on how you can look great at the home office without looking like you just rolled out of bed.

Robin N Wright Creations

Incorporate Athflow into your everyday wardrobe with these 3 expert tips:

1) Oversized Outfits

Oversized outfits are trending this season. Loose fitting tops and bottoms are peaking interests for digital entrepreneurs everywhere. Whether you're a dapper male looking for the perfect t-shirt and snapback or a fashion forward fashionista looking for comfort, opting in for a loose fit with extra room and style is the way to go.
Robin N Wright Creations

2) Soft Outfits

Not only are savvy shoppers looking for comfortable clothing that's loose fitting, they're also in search of clothing that's soft against the skin. As we all know, clothing that's itchy and scratchy is very uncomfortable to wear. Fabrics that are soft to touch with a premium cut and fit are definite essentials in anyone's wardrobe.

See Example Below:

Robin N Wright Creations

3) Co-ord outfits two pieces

Prints are the new black in fashion along with coordinated outfits. Mixing and matching two pieces with the same or similar prints and colours is the new wave for 2021. If you're looking to achieve that 'wow' factor in your next ensemble, opt in for casual pieces that pair well together. Examples of perfect pairings include:
  • Top & Bottoms
  • Top & Jacket
  • Hat & Bag
Although Athflo style is casual, you can still be creative with your look, all that matters is choosing pieces that work for you individually. Explore more creative fashion pieces that you can incorporate into your wardrobe by visiting our online shop!


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