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If you just stumbled upon this website, my name is Robin Wright, I am the owner of  After working as a freelance makeup artist for many years I decided to start my own line of cosmetics, and just recently expanded into consulting services for clients who are interested in starting or expanding their corporate or personal brand. In case you're wondering why you see a lot of articles about cosmetics and skincare, it's partially due to my background in the beauty industry, but mainly because image plays an important role in building a reputable brand, not only from the customer's stand-point but when it relates to the overall reputation of your company, whether you run a corporation, small business or you're an independent artist. 

Quick question...when you think of Lady Gaga, Madonna or Micheal Jackson what comes to mind?  You may have thought of you're favorite song if you happen to be a fan of either one of these artists but for many, something relating to their image will always be memorable.  For instance, when I think of Lady Gaga I automatically remember her long blonde wig and outrageous outfits, Madonna on the other hand, I remember her style of lace and teased hair back in the 80's and for Micheal, his iconic sparkly glove and socks, I can't forget his incredible moonwalk.

All of these artists have something in common, not only are they extremely creative, they have (or had) R.I.P. Micheal :( the ability to reinvent themselves on a constant basis, making them iconic figures that many will remember when it relates to POP Culture.  I'm just using these artists as examples because they were the first ones who popped in my head, talk about great branding - whether you like them or not you know who they are.
As you can see, image plays a huge role in your brand so I decided to write a blog about industry professionals who play a key role in making someone's image memorable and that's the Makeup Artist!
The Role of a Makeup Artist
In the profession of makeup artistry the role of the Makeup Artist is to enhance or alter someone's physical appearance that create attractive or fantasy looks that meet the client's specifications.  Depending on the Makeup Artists's niche their line of work may differ, this can include working on a movie set, theatrical production, runway shows, behind a cosmetic counter or at an industry trade show. 

Working conditions may differ as well, depending on the Makeup Artist's preference he/she may prefer working freelance rather than working for a company.  Examples of freelance jobs might include bridal makeup, actors' makeup for stage production, and models' makeup for fashion photographers print and catalog work. If the makeup artist prefers working for a company he/she may decide to work at a salon or in a department store such as Sephora or Nordstrom.

Being adaptable is very important when freelancing because working conditions change all of the time.  For instance, the Makeup Artist may be asked to work on-set of a photo shoot that requires them to work with large animals, in not so comfortable weather or in a dark alley in the middle of the night, they would need to be prepared to adapt to the environment because the job requires them to meet the needs of the client.

Working as a Makeup Artist is creative and rewarding at the same time, usually professionals in this industry are able to continually expand their clientele and specializations, creating opportunities for career advancement.

Common Tasks of a Makeup Artist
1) consulting with clients
2) performing makeup demonstrations, and skin care consultations
3) Selling makeup and cleansing products while providing information and advice on cosmetic application
4) Selecting makeup shades and products for individuals

These professionals must be flexible and able to quickly think of creative solutions to problems; they should also have excellent customer service skills.

The pay for this occupation varies. However, statistics show that those who are self employed make a pretty decent annual income (approx $80k).

Trends in this industry are not bad due to changing fashion trends and consumer concern with physical appearance that fuel demand, which makes this industry a popular choice for individuals seeking a new career path during an economic downturn.
Working as a Pro
We all know that every industry professional requires the proper tools of the trade to get the job done. No matter what line of work you're in there is always an initial investment that has to be made for you to get the job done reliably, efficiently and with excellence.

Same goes for Makeup Artists. On average, a professional working Makeup Artist will spend $10,000 on their makeup kit. This is a huge investment because as an artist you want the best products in your kit possible, along with the necessary tools and supplies needed for any situation that may arise.

Working on set can be stressful, it's important to 'be professional'

Working on a film set can be stressful because there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Being late, talking too much should be avoided in order to pay attention to the dynamics of the shoot or film to determine the way one should act. As a new Makeup Artist working in film/television, you're more than likely to make mistakes along the way but the more work you do, the more comfortable and experienced you'll be.

As an aspiring Makeup Artist it's a good idea to keep up with the trends. A way you can do this is by following fashion shows, reading fashion magazines and staying up-to-date with the iconic pros in the industry such as Pat McGrath. Another way to keep-up-to-date with your profession as a Makeup Artist is by networking, getting on the list of stylists, photography students and assistants. Practice on your friends, work at a makeup counter, do a lot of creative shoots and love what you do.


Spirit gum, blood, sealer, wax etc.

Tissue, sponges, brush cleaner, powder puffs etc.

Good range of foundations in varying colours and textures, 
eyeshadows, mascaras, eyeliners, 
lash glue, nail polish etc.

Tweezers, small scissors, eyelash curler, 
sharpener, spatula, mixing plate etc.

Moisturizer, toner, makeup remover, sunscreen, nail polish remover etc.

I hope you enjoyed this blog as it relates to my career in the profession of makeup artistry. I'd love to know your thoughts, do you think image is important in building a corporate or personal brand? 

Until next time, I'm going to leave you with this Micheal Jackson mix by Deep Lison
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