Wright Artistry Konia Palette
Claudia is a skilled equestrian rider with a passion for horses, her beautiful horse "Robie" is absolutely gorgeous! His long silky hair and stout demeanor is a true expression of elegance, I can understand Claudia having him as a focal point in her catalog.

During our last shoot we packed our gear and headed to the ranch to take the photos. After applying the makeup on the models, I headed to the upper level of the ranch to watch the children take turns riding the horses during their camp, it was amazing to see how gentle the horses were with the kids and how brave the kids were to ride such a big animal.

The outdoor shoot previous to that one was during early March, it was pretty cold but the photographer managed to capture some great shots, check out my portfolio to see the images. 
Wright Artistry Konia Palette
For my collaboration with Claudia I wanted to create an eyeshadow palette to compliment the fabrics used for her outerwear line. I chose colours that were earthy with matte and sparkly textures.  I ended up using the colours for the look book shoot which turned out beautifully on the models. See slideshow below
Overall the entire collab was a success, I look forward to more in the near future.
For more information on Konia Equestrian and where you can find this lovely eyeshadow palette, please contact us.
In case you missed it, take a listen to episode no. 5 of The Artist Lounge Podcast where I interviewed Claudia about her fashion label. 
Wright Artistry Konia Palette
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